Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Ode to Ronald Searle

I've recently been exploring Ronald Searle's style for some character designs.

This first one is Dean Martin who plays Sam Harmon in the original Oceans 11 film.  I made a Vegas show-card for him.

These next few are characters redesigned from the movie "Big Fish", only that I changed the setting to modern day Japan.

The Siamese Twins as DJs:

The Circus Ringmaster as a gothic lolita ringmaster:

The Giant as an otaku (anime nerd):

The one-eyed witch as a traditional Japanese fortune teller:

Edward Bloom in his young form (as a farmer boy) and old form (dying old man):

William Bloom as a typical Japanese business man:

Dewey Cox's "Trip"-tionary

This is a book cover I designed that is meant to be from the late 60's when Dewey Cox was on acid.  This trip-tionary is supposed to interpret all the unusual terminologies he uses when trippin'.  I used Peter Max as inspiration.

Seedy Motel

This supposed to be a rundown motel off the outskirts of Vegas.  Enjoy.