Saturday, September 11, 2010

Revised Painting

I ditched the haunted house angle.


It is a haunted house surrounded by a beautiful garden.

Dino Diner!

It is a diner with a dinosaur themed children's play place.

Jazz CD Cover

A Jazz CD cover using line quality, shapes, and color to express the music.

A Mouse Art Studio

This illustration shows a mouse artist drawing a mouse model inside a tree art studio.

Style Change

The top two emulates old style Mickey Mouse, and the bottom corner I don't really remember.

A Wardrobe Change

Different clothes she wears, and more poses. 

More poses of Tiffany

These are more full body poses expressing her personality.

Little Tiffany

Little Tiffany is a rambunctious adopted child to a martial arts teacher.  Her adopted father refuses to teach her, so in secret she dresses up into a self-made uniform and occasionally peeps into her father's teaching sessions, slowly learning her father's martial arts. 


I watched Gremlins the Movie recently.

Babes, nuff said

A Muscle-headed Idiot

I was just really bored.

Old Portrait Paintings

A monochrome portrait I painted in oil.

An oil painting I did a while ago.

My first digital painting at ACCD, self-portrait.

Quick Scene Story Boards

This short scene is inspired by Bourne movies.

This small scene is inspired by Spielberg's "Duel" film.

Sketching for Entertainment

This is a beaver dam lair.

This is a daughter finding her father's kite.

Kato Class Still Life Paintings

This is a crime scene, attempt of suicide.

An accident waiting to happen.

Old Master copy from N. C. Wyeth

This is from good old Kato's class.

Color Script

This is the color script for my adaptation to Princess Mononoke.

Princess Mononoke Key Scenes

I still plan on revising all of them.

Friday, September 10, 2010

San Redesigned

Colored version of San.

Design sketches of San.

Jiko Bou

Final version of Jiko Bou.

More development sketches.

Redesigning Eboshi

Painted version of Eboshi.

Development sketches.

Redesigning Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke

I placed the story of Princess Mononoke in the French and Indian War setting.

This is the final painted version.

Here are the character sketches.

Female Character Sketches

More sketchbook entries.

A Boy and His Robot

This is something I worked on a while ago.  I'm thinking of making this into a t-shirt.


My "science and sustainability" final as a comic.  Inspired by Calvin and Hobbes. 

This is the sketch that sparked this concept.

A Gift for My Dad

Here is a card I made for Father's Day. He got a kick out of it.

Gremlins on the Rampage

This is a "Picture This" entry for mischief managed.

I Might Have Been Watching Too Much "Tom & Jerry"

Another entry for "Picture This", follow the leader.